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An interview with Rose Lawson

An interview with Rose Lawson about her new artistic project, There’s Something in my Shoes with choreographer Fiona Bryant. How did this project with Fiona come about? I come across Fiona work when she did a dance performance at the university with a friend of hers Mitch. I was very inspired by their show so… Read more »

Jamboree for One (Lecture)

I have titled this lecture: Choreographing the Choreography: a performance installation engaging ordinary objects toward the illumination of (extra)ordinary, extant choreography. This project is about offering an intimate encounter with my ongoing investigations into the ignition and handling of embodied history in the making and performing of dances. Extending from the premise that the choreographers’… Read more »

Helmet Head Update

Following on from my previous post, I have now harnessed the Go Pro camera to my chest. This as I anticipated, offers quite a different perspective and quality to wearing the camera on a helmet atop my head. So what am I noticing so far? It reminds me of a project I began in Finland… Read more »