An interview with Rose Lawson

An interview with Rose Lawson about her new artistic project, There’s Something in my Shoes with choreographer Fiona Bryant.

How did this project with Fiona come about?

I come across Fiona work when she did a dance performance at the university with a friend of hers Mitch. I was very inspired by their show so after I approached Fiona and would she like to do a project with me. After that she gave me a few writing prompts and one of the prompts was “ There’s something in my shoes” and that was the start of our creative process.

How did you expect Fiona would work with you and have these expectations changed?

I really Don‘t have no expectations when I am working on a creative project like this. As I have learnt with most things in life nothing and everything shows up differently than you expected or imagined it too and for me that’s the magic of living this life.

Have you always been a writer?

I started writing bits and pieces when I was about twenty-one. I found it was a good way of expressing myself and letting people see into my world especially when you have communication difficulties like I do from not be able to speak. Over the years I done some amazing projects with amazing people with my poems and pieces and those experiences have who I am today.

What do you most like about writing?

I love to write about how I see this reality and I love playing with words and putting them together to express whatever I want too in that time. I hope I give people another way of looking at things by my work.

What is it like to be funded as a professional artist?

Being paid for your work is amazing especially when its something that Comes easy to you and its something you enjoyed. It gives you a sense of self work which is something that we all require.

What has been the most challenging part of the project?

I would say the most challenging part was finding the time when Fiona and I could work together as we both had lots of other things going on while working on this project. Lots of set times we had to work on this we have to change because of personal reasons or our bodies were not up to it. Still it has turned out better than I say we both have imagined and its a very special piece. I just have loved our sessions together putting this together.

What are you most looking forward to in the performance season at the upcoming Anywhere Festival?

Seeing all our hard work come together and just the enjoyment of performing it.

Where to after this season?

Fiona has other places and festivals in mind which I hope we can expand our work more and see where its take us.

There’s Something in my Shoes is a collaboration between Sunshine
Coast based writer Rose Lawson and choreographer and performer Fiona
Bryant. The vision for the work is drawn from a passage of writing by
Lawson in response to Bryant’s prompt – There’s something in my shoes…

“There’s something in my shoes that gives me strength to begin a new
day. They are unbreakable no matter where I go…” (Rose Lawson)

Bryant was particularly moved by this text, especially given the
context – Lawson has Cerebral Palsy and is mostly unable to wear shoes
or walk. The pair are now devising a full-length dance that grows from
this basis.

The working process sees the community asked to donate shoes
accompanied by writing prompts for Lawson to work with. Bryant will
dance the text by using parts of her body to hit points on an imagined
alphabet cube surrounding her body.

The work is sensitive, poetic and challenging – birthed from an
intensive development period. Fiona and Rose will share about this at
a Q&A session at the final performance.

Performance dates are:
May 24th 6pm
May 25th 6pm
May 26th 1pm
@ Vandy’s Garage, Buderim

Due to a limited capacity, we ask that you book at the following link

We thank you in advance for your support and ask that you share the word.

This project is supported by a RADF grant. The Regional Arts
Development Fund (RADF) is a partnership between the Queensland
Government and Sunshine Coast Council to support local artists and
culture in regional Queensland.

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