Insights on the Alexander Technique and lessons with Fiona:

“Alexander Technique lessons and yoga with Fiona have opened up a whole new dimension of understanding of my physical body – like taking off blinkers – it’s been life changing.  The lessons are a gradual process of becoming aware of the habitual patterns of poor posture and holding tension in the body and replacing them with physical balance and freedom.  Alexander Yoga complements and enhances this process, providing foundations of posture and movement to carry into everyday life. I’ve got so much out of it I’m in it for the long haul. – Lynne Conway, Health Economics Advisor

“Alexander technique is a very enabling practice it has created major shifts in my body. It asks for a reduction of action that frees the body to experience and inhabit our surroundings. The attention to the body’s anatomical form and our inherent capacities and functions allowed me to acknowledge and respect the physical intelligence within my body. It offers me the time and support to begin to unblock the habits that interfere with my body’s own intelligence.  As a dancer Alexander Technique has been a rich source of information, it has given me a structure through which I am able to practice embodiment in a diverse range of contexts. I have become more patient and attentive to listen to my body. I am beginning to feel how spacious and available my body can become. My identification and association of alignment has become much more personal. Alexander technique has encouraged me to relax into the home of my body.”   – Chloe Chignell, Dancer & Pilates Instructor

“For the last 12 months I have been a client of Fiona Bryant. I have a background in physical education, sports science, and education having spent my academic life preparing people to work in this field. There is no doubt Fiona is a great teacher and problem solver, she brings depth of knowledge that culminates from a background in Alexander Technique, dance, yoga, and sport. I have carried a injury for the last 12 months and Fiona, using Alexander Technique, has re-educated me to not only overcome the injury but to reestablish new movement patterns that have totally changed how I move and engage in activity. From this engagement I have questioned my own field and why Alexander Technique is not more widespread in the physical education of the population, and in the foundation of movement patterns in sport. I would highly recommend Fiona as an Alexander Instructor, she has depth of knowledge and communicates it well.” – Dr. Julia Walsh, Physical Education Researcher & Educator