Alexander Yoga & Movement

Combining Alexander Technique, Yoga and other Movement Practices

Fiona teaches Small Group Alexander Yoga on a weekly basis and Alexander Movement Workshops for performing artists regularly. In addition to her Advanced Diploma in Alexander Technique teaching she holds a Diploma in Alexander Technique Yoga having undertaken additional hours of training in the subtle and sophisticated application of Alexander Technique to traditional yoga. Her interest in yoga (in particular Hatha) and development of her personal practice began a decade ago when she was transitioning from years of full time dance training into her work as an independent dancer, choreographer and movement educator. As a performing artist, Fiona is also skilled in the application of Alexander Technique to dance, theatre and music, in particular the movement dimensions of these disciplines and regularly delivers Alexander Technique workshops to pre and professional level performing artists.

Alexander Yoga

What is Alexander Yoga?

This unique class brings together principles of the Alexander Technique, Ideokinesis and Hatha style yoga. All the teachers of Alexander Yoga are Alexander Technique teachers and hold a Diploma in Yoga and Alexander Technique Teaching from the School from F.M. Alexander Studies. Fiona additionally draws upon her many years of previous dance and somatic training at the Victorian College of the Arts and Queensland Dance School of Excellence.

Classes are kept small (max 6) and incorporate a series of asanas that address the needs of the group. Emphasis is placed on whole body coordination, and Fiona uses both verbal and manual guidance to gently guide students to gain maximum benefit from each posture as well as becoming more aware of strengths, weaknesses and habits.

Rather than urging students to force their bodies into the shape of some of the classic yoga postures, Fiona encourages students to move in ways that promote re-organisation, expansion and ease through the body. This approach lays the foundation for students to move toward greater depth and more advanced yoga postures over time and with consistent practice.

Alexander Yoga is ideal for beginners, injury rehabilitation and those looking to refresh their current yoga practice. It well compliments other yoga, bodywork and fitness practices and is possible to practice at home once a student has attended regular classes.

Yoga Class Schedule

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Small Group Alexander Yoga: $20-$25/class  (purchased in blocks of 4-8 consecutive classes)

Private Alexander Yoga: $45-$60/session  (same as Private Alexander session)

Contact Fiona for full pricing details and to book.

How Alexander Yoga improves your yoga practice

Alexander Yoga classes are run by yoga teachers who are also teachers of the Alexander Technique and are specifically focused on the application of the Alexander Technique to this traditional discipline. In particular Alexander Yoga teachers pay careful attention to the way in which students move, rather than how far they move. Typically students bring their habitual movement patterns of movement to yoga practice, just as they do to other activities of life. In this way, the emphasis in these classes is on identifying dysfunctional movement patterns and learning to move in new and non-habitual ways. As a result students find that they begin to move with better coordination, more ease and experience greater range of movement. Many Alexander Yoga students simultaneously attend other yoga classes and report this approach to be most beneficial.

You can read articles by David Moore (edited by Fiona) which further discuss the Alexander Yoga approach here