Alexander Technique

What is the Alexander Technique?

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Alexander Technique is a method of psychophysical re-education that helps to illuminate and in turn change inefficient movement and postural habits that interfere with our ability to move easily and according to how we are designed. The process of learning Alexander Technique leads to improved sensory discrimination, greater awareness of body and mind and their interconnection, improved ease of movement and posture and enhanced ability to think clearly and creatively. The medium of study is one’s own sense of kinesthesia or proprioception, which is the sense used to calibrate one’s own bodily organisation and to judge the effort necessary for moving.

Developed over 100 years ago by Australian actor F. M. Alexander, the Alexander Technique is a learnable skill (rather than therapy) for applying thinking to change mental and physical habits that are not serving one well.

How does it work?

The Technique is based around Alexander’s key discovery – the importance of what he termed the Primary Control – the dynamic relationship of our head neck and back. It is this relationship or coordination that furnishes the way for efficient balance throughout the whole body including sound operation of our postural reflexes. Alexander Technique offers a means of becoming consciously aware of good coordination, noticing our tendency to habitually interfere with this and un-learning habitual patterns that lead to this interference.

How is it taught?

Alexander Technique teachers have had extensive training (min. 3 years full time) in observing patterns of movement as well as using manual guidance and verbal instruction to support students to move with greater ease and coordination in all activity. During your sessions Fiona will work to direct your attention to how you are using your body and how you are thinking in various basic activities such as standing, sitting, and walking. Supported by Fiona’s guidance and feedback you will begin to learn to stop disturbing your body’s proper balance and over time apply this understanding to more skilled activities and scenarios such that this balance reconditions all aspects of your day to day life.

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Fiona Bryant

Cert IV TAE| Dip Dance | Dip Yoga & Alex Tech | BDance | MChoreog | M AUSTAT


Fiona is a qualified Alexander Technique and Alexander Yoga teacher, a member of AUSTAT and has Cert IV in Training and Assessment. In her Alexander Technique practice Fiona combines these expertise with her extensive and ongoing dance training and research. In addition to her private practice, Fiona teaches Alexander Technique, Yoga and Body Mapping on the teacher training course at the School for F.M. Alexander Studies.