Fiona is a choreographer, performer and movement educator. She has created and performed dance works for curated and independent seasons at the National Gallery of Victoria (2014), Melbourne Fringe Festival (2008, 2012), Next Wave Festival (2010, 2012), Lucy Guerin Inc. (2009), Melbourne International Design Festival (2008), Melbourne International Arts Festival (2007), L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival (2007), and Dancehouse (2006-2012). She has studied with Australian and internationally renowned teachers and artists, including Deborah Hay (USA) from whom she commissioned and performed two world premier solos (2008, 2010). In 2014 Fiona performed in Maria Hassabi’s (USA) Intermission at The Australian Centre for Contemporary Art and the premier of Judith Walton’s Lehte at Heide Museum of Modern Art. Fiona’s practice is chiefly concerned with discovering and re-discovering ways in which to engage the whole psychophysical self in the processes of generating and performing dance. She considers the multidimensionality of the human organism offers an extraordinary landscape to be traversed in the realm of live performance. In recent years her works have covered a diversity of themes including ageing, folk-pop culture, natural disaster, loneliness and the ordinary. Fiona regularly develops and presents her works in non-traditional performance spaces as was evidenced in her first full-length outdoor performance – Hiatus (2012 Next Wave Festival, Green Room Award Nomination). Please see Alexander Technique for more details of Fiona’s teaching practice and Calendar for information on upcoming performances, projects and workshops.
“Bryant is such an exciting choreographer it’s difficult to do her work justice in words.” The Sunday Age, Melbourne “Her strangeness and vulnerability was the thing that carried the work… I found myself teetering on the brink of intrigue and unsettledness (if such a word exists).” Martyn Coutts DOWNLOAD CV below or CONTACT Fiona Artistic CV Alexander Technique and Movement Education CV